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Meet Freddie

A Wandering Minstrel is the travelogue of Freddie “Frederick von” Novak,’s resident travel writer. He writes a series of travel dispatches from the world’s greatest travel destinations and maintains a blog that features posts on a variety of trekking topics. An authority on the American Spring Break, his travelogue Fort Lauderdale: Sunrise at the Venice of America will soon be available from KAYAK Press. In 2008 his short story, “Olinór of Valinden” was a finalist for the Middle Earth fan fiction contest.

One of the earliest adopters of live action role playing, Novak is a regular call-in guest on Pittsburgh public-access television’s  “Wizards and Warriors.”

When not traveling the world for KAYAK he lives in Paramus, New Jersey with his Aunt Agnes and pet lizard, Carlos.