Krakow “City of Rocks” Part 3 / Wedding Day Niebieskis | A Wandering Minstrel I

Krakow “City of Rocks” Part 3 / Wedding Day Niebieskis


ne would think that the bride and groom exchanging vows in the stunning Basilica of the Virgin Mary would be honored by the arrival of a world-renowned travel writer. This is not the case. How lucky the couple was that I wandered in from the Grand Square to document their most blessed day with my quill. If they felt any appreciation, it was not shown. I was rudely shushed when I asked the priest to repeat his homily in English. The looks were quite threatening when I followed the wedding party across the square to Restauracja Wierzynek. And I believe, in any country, regardless of a so called invitation, when one sets down to dine on young roasted ram, you let the man finish.

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