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Walk Towards The Light / Daytona Beach


know not from where this magic elixir hails, but one thing is for sure – the mere poetry of man cannot possibly do it justice. For that would entail just words and after all how accurately can words describe the complexities of a first kiss, the feeling of grass between the toes on a warm day or the first eye contact between a newborn baby embraced within one’s arms. No, there is nothing within the English language that can describe the sensorial wonders of light American lager.

But allow me to try.

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, light beer poured down my throat in regular intervals.

Cradled in a silver and blue vessel, I began to spot this special beverage almost everywhere along my journey to document the Spring Break of 2011. Revelers purchase it by the caseload, and is it any wonder? The magic contained within just a single can is enough to eschew water (of which this magical drink seems to be a not-so-distant cousin) for the rest of one’s lifetime.

While the contents within are to be celebrated for their own merits, the cans themselves hold a special place in the intricate dance of Spring Break. They hold their cans to the air as they bellow, “Spring Break!” The light of the sun dazzles against the silver vessels. I joined in, raising my own can. It serves as a tribute to the sun – that great solar being that gives us warmth, nourishment and life. I interviewed several revelers, inquiring about this beverage with such magical qualities but I was met with blank stares and on one occasion, laughter. One follower of the Light took pity on my empty hands and emptied his own stomachful onto my loafers in a kind gesture.

Looking back, It is all so obvious. We all want Light. Cases and cases of it, the color of fine summer straw, preferably chilled in sandy styrofoam.

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