Monkey Business / Lake Havasu | A Wandering Minstrel I

Monkey Business / Lake Havasu


In the middle of the Arizona desert there lies a remote speck of water – an oasis of life in the midst of a dry, barren land. And so they come – by speedboat, by party boat and by houseboat – to celebrate life in all of its beautiful brevity – for one brief, shining moment.


From the air, the party boats of Lake Havasu look just like very, very small party boats.

Just as Melville used the ocean as a metaphor for life, Lake Havasu’s revelers use water in much the same way. However, replace the ocean with a bikini contest and you get a far more accurate celebration of life. Or at least how this crowd chooses to celebrate it.

As the contestants stepped onto the deck of a yacht (the Monkey Business II), I pushed forward from the crowd to get some appropriate photo documentation of this hierarchal social event. My senses must have been overcome from the aroma of spraying water, light American lager and twenty-something sweat because I walked into the ping pong mating ritual of some students from Texas, sending red plastic cups flying over the side.

I shortly followed.

Although my camera was lost, my body soaked and my pride injured  - I was happy. Happy be alive.